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Liguria Crea Impresa,
the winners of the third edition

“Up2you, Riviera Experience and Endless: these are the names of the three startups winner of the third edition of Liguria Crea Impresa startup contest”

From the costume to the hotel,
the company is smart

“Up2you comes from Milan, presented by Alessandro Broglia and the objective is to develop a service that improves the environmental impact of hotels, while saving money…”

Here are the three winners of
Liguria Crea Impresa

“Up2you in the “Environment” category sponsored by Iren (…) is the winners of the 2019 edition of Liguria Crea Impresa, the contest for entrepreneurial and innovative ideas created by Wylab”

Up2you: the startup that saves
hoteliers and saves the planet

“Up2you, the startup founded by Lorenzo Vendemini, Alessandro Broglia and Andrea Zuanetti is now entering the market after the testing period. The purpose is to combine the savings needs of hotel with environmental sustainability for tourism.”

The Startup Club Pitch Night:
the event to get into the networking of innovators

“…The project provides hotels with the opportunity to save money and resources by giving guests the opportunity to give up room service for one or two nights…”

Eco-friendly hotels,
the idea of Up2you

“”The goal – says co-founder Andrea Zuanetti – is to fight deforestation by encouraging simple actions that we are all able to do but that, if widespread, can have a huge impact on the ecosystem.”

Up2you is born, now hotels can become eco-friendly while saving money

“Up2you, whose mission is sustainability, targets at tourists sensitive to “green” issues and hotels interested in reducing operating costs taking part in projects related to the environment.”

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