If you’ve just entered your hotel room and you are wondering:

How does up2you service work?

Check out  the 4 steps below


The guests find up2you tag in the room explaining our service, and decide to place it outside their door, waiving the room service for one night


The room attendant sees the special tag placed outside the room and does not clean it. The attendant will simply leave an up2you ticket inside the room. 


The guests find the ticket inside their room; the ticket contains a specific code and the web address for planting a tree on the web in one of our reforestation projects.


By entering the code in our website, the customers will plant a tree and they will also be able to download a certificate attesting the actual planting.


Are you a hotel Owner?

You are probably wondering:

Why should I try up2you service?”


The entire service is provided to hotels at a price lower than room service costs


No start-up costs needed


The implementation does not require any effort, additional activity or special requirements

Is Sustainability still a Plus and not a Must

It’s up2you.

.Join the movement

We guess you are interested in saving money . . . .

Are you ready to make your hotel more sustainable too?

Your customers would love it.

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