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Our selection criteria

To ensure the highest standard of reliability of our projects, we carry out a meticulous selection of the proposals we receive. Check that your project meets our requirements before submitting it.

Base requirements

Visual demonstration of planting

If we don’t see, we don’t believe! The project must be documented with photos or videos.

At least one previous experience in planting

We are looking for partners that have real experiences in planting projects.

No paper trees

We only accept planting projects without an expiration date on them.

We like…

No monoculture

Biodiversity is the basic ingredient of an healthy ecosystem.

Guarantee of maintenance for a period after planting

We believe in a long-term commitment to the project to maximize his longevity.

Reforestation projects in fire-damaged or deforested areas

We prioritize projects where human intervention is most needed.


Not linear planted trees

Have you ever seen a natural forest organized in neat rows? Neither have we!

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